Can You Spot These 7 Differences?

22 May 2020 03:17
Good eye site is a pre-requisite for most tennis players. It helps to hit the ball in the middle of your racquet. and to make sure your opponent isn't hooking you on line calls! So young players should be well prepared for the newest activity in the Emirates ATP Kids Hub: We've got two game sheets for you. All you need to do is spot the seven differences on each sheet. Get Started. Download and print the two-page game sheet Look closely at the two versions of each photograph Grab a marker and circle the changes you find in the photos You're done when you have circled seven differences on each photo If you can't find all seven, download the Answers PDF to see the ones you've missed Have fun! Download Game Sheets (PDF) Download Answer Sheet (PDF).readfullarticle

Source: Atpworldtour